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  • RAPCAM v1.1.1 released

    This new version brings with it a new major feature that supports Custom Tools and User Frames. We also made quite a few improvements on usability, configuration and performance. For full list of features and detail explanation read further.

  • RAPCAM for Grasshopper

    Rapcam for Grasshopper is released today! This will make our algorithms parametrically extensibile. New and advanced use cases are thus also available. For details, check this blog post.

  • RAPCAM v1.0.3 released

    Spiral mode milling, complex curve support, path saving to rhino workspace are just a few features that we’ve been working on lately.

  • RAPCAM v1.0.0 Released

    Extensive testing has been completed and RAPCAM v1.0.0 is now available. Feel free to download a trial version!

  • RAPCAM website opens

    After many requests we’re finally putting our products online for sale!