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    Hi, your program looks promising I’m looking forward to try it.

    I try to drag and drop the GhRapcam.gha file in Grasshopper with no success.

    Which file should I save GhRapcam in order to work?

    Thank you for your help


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    Hello Steve,

    Thanks for contacting us and trying out RAPCAM for Grasshopper. Please check the video tutorial Installing RAPCAM on Grasshopper
    We also advise you to check if the file is not blocked by windows. This can be done by right clicking on GhRapcam.gha file and going to file’s properties. You should click on Unblock checkbox and click OK. If file is not blocked, you will not see that option. For some files, downloaded from the internet, windows automatically blocks the files for security reasons. Also try running Rhino in administrator mode, maybe that helps.

    The last thing, if you use Rhino for mac, then RAPCAM for grasshopper doesn’t work.

    Let me know if that doesn’t help. Also I will then need your version of Rhino and Grasshopper. Cheers!

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    Sweet, thank you for your help, I got it working.

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