This is where you can buy all RAPCAM related products. RAPCAM v1 is a Rhinoceros 3D plugin available as a monthly subscription. We also offer workshops that can get you up to speed with Rhino & RAPCAM in less than a day. If you’re using an older robot we recommend buying the dripfeeder to  bypass the limited internal memory.


If you want a robot, we recommend buying one from our partners IRS Robotics (based in the Netherlands) or Global Robots (based in Great Britain).
Their refurbished robots offer a low-price alternative to new robots. Currently we offer plug-and-play RAPCAM-enabled robots in two varieties;
an ABB 6400 and a Fanuc S430. A Kuka robot will be added soon.

Adding the milling option will get you a complete package allowing you to start milling immediately. This includes a 3.3kW Spindle (ER32), Frequency Controller and toolplate. These are all connected with safely shielded cables.